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Manzanita Falls


Based out of Santa Rosa, CA, Manzanita Falls has continuously strived to create. The band began in 2010 with singer/songwriter Jeremy McCarten, Stuart Markham (lead guitar), Matt Coit (drums), and Matt Robinson (bass guitar). The band released their debut album Vinyl Ghost in 2012 and began touring together to support the release. After several years of touring and writing in the studio, the band released their second album titled Abilene in 2017, followed by their first music video for their single “Between the Stories.” 

2017 marked a time of change for the band when Stuart Markham and Matt Coit left Manzanita Falls to pursue other interests. The band welcomed Ross Barbieri (lead guitar) and Cameron Morris (drums). With this new talent and insight the band immediately got to work on their latest E.P., titled Vestige in the River, due out summer 2019. This upcoming release explores themes of moving forward and looking back. The emphasis, that people and places in one’s life may change, but the reason why the music is written, stays the same. In support of their latest release Manzanita Falls will be touring the west coast beginning this June.


Vocals, Guitar / Jeremy McCarten
Bass / Matt Robinson
Lead Guitar / Ross Barbieri
Drums / Cameron Morris